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Support MI4People in cash or kind

We are very grateful for any donations that can support us on our mission!

If you would like to support us financially, you can either use the online donation form at the bottom of this page (that is provided by our partner, or transfer your donation directly to us using the bank information below:

IBAN: DE52 7435 0000 0021 1353 89


Sparkasse Landshut


Please note that MI4People gGmbH is a registered German non-profit organization. Thus, your donation is tax deductible (for German residents)! For donors outside Germany, we are also happy to issue a donation receipt (in English). Unfortunately, we cannot influence whether this will be accepted by your local authorities.

If you transfer the money directly to us, please specify your address so that we can send you the corresponding donation receipt. If you donate through, you will receive the donation receipt directly from them.

If you would like to donate in kind, please contact us via

If you have any other questions, please write to

Further opportunities to contribute to MI4People's mission

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