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MI4People conducts applied research in the area of Machine Intelligence (MI) for Public Good and enables nonprofit sector to draw upon the full potential of MI 

MI4People vision

Our Vision

MI4People to become a globally acting applied research facility that sustainably enhances the development of Machine Intelligence based solutions for Public Good and enables nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to better reach their mission-driven goals by means of modern technologies.

MI4People mission

Our Mission

  • Help NPOs to understand MI and its full potential for Public Good

  • Collaborate with NPOs on their data-driven innovation journey end-to-end 

  • Conceive, create, and execute positively impactful MI research projects for the Public Good

MI4People's Operational Model

Bring Public Good organizations, researchers, and MI practitioners together via:

  • Promoting MI among NPOs and researchers through education and trainings

  • Conceiving and managing projects including the definition of scope and specific research packages

  • Creating and nurturing the network of MI Experts and distribution of research packages within this network

  • Providing access to MI tools, cloud computing capacities, and project management tools to successfully execute and manage research projects at scale

  • Acting as an accountable entity for project realization and governance

  • Assuring scientific quality of results and communicating and publishing them

NPOs and
Individual Researchers

Core Staff


MI Practitioners


NPOs and Individual Researchers

Nonprofit organizations, academic institutions and researchers focused on public good:

  • Submit non-technical project proposals

  • Provide required domain expertise and input data

  • Apply results

NPOs and Individual Researchers

MI Practitioners

MI companies, universities, private contributors, and internal tech experts:

  • Provide required scientific and technical expertise

  • Generate innovative solution proposals

  • Take responsibility for the majority of technical problem-solving activities

  • Receive testimonials as proven practical experience and conceivably financial compensation

Machine Intelligence Practitioners

MI4People Core Staff

Internal MI Experts, researchers, analysts, and administrative staff:

  • Promotes MI within the nonprofit sector

  • Creates and nurtures network of MI practitioners

  • Selects, conceives, creates, and manages projects as an accountable entity

  • Communicates, explains, and publishes results

  • Administers and ensures scientific quality and ethical use of MI

  • Conducts fundraising activities

MI4People Core Staff

MI4People Platform

Digital network of NPOs and researchers, MI practitioners, and core staff:

  • Collects project ideas and provides evolving status of ongoing projects

  • Hosts projects and provides access control for data and analysis services

  • Centralizes communication and management of the projects

  • Provides access to cloud computing and MI tools

  • Currently under construction

MI4People Platform

Our approach is designed to give any meaningful mission-driven Public Good idea utilizing MI a fair chance to be researched and achieve its potential to become an impactful MI based solution.

Assessment, preselection and planning

Proof-of-concepts and small projects

Open-source solutions for promising applications

Study of adoption and impact of application

Project execution phases

Work mainly delivered by

Short-time available, enthusiastic volunteers

Long-term committed

team of paid experts


End-to-end supervision

by a Leading Scientist

MI4People's Approach

What We Focus On

Uncovering opportunities

We improve the understanding of MI within NPOs and create awareness of the possibilities of use of MI for their goals and their operational excellence.


We build long-term relationships with NPOs and empower them on their data-driven innovation journey end-to-end from first idea to evaluation of imapct.

Creating value

We orchestrate all the activities of all involved parties and ensure the successful delivery of added scientific and Public Good value as an accountable entity.


Our unique ‘phased approach’ of project execution marries scalability in terms of number of projects and scalability in terms of impact produced.

Become a part of the MI4People community

NPO and individual researchers

NPOs and Researchers

Submit your research project proposal or ask us how you can utilize data science and other MI technologies to reach your Public Good goals better and faster!

Machine Intelligence Volunteers

MI Volunteers

Apply your expertise in data science, ML, data engineering, process mining, or RPA to solve acute real world Public Good problems. Use your skills to better this world!

Machine Intelligence Supporters and Donors

MI Supporters

As an NPO, we rely on your donations. Your support enables our existence and ensures that Public Good sector is benefiting from Machine Intelligence technologies.


Dr. Manas Deb

Dr. Manas Deb

Co-Founder & Advisor

Dr. Paul Springer

Dr. Paul Springer

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Our Team

Currently, we are growing our MI Experts network. If you wish to apply your skills to do something good, important, and impactful, please register as an MI Volunteer using this form.

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