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Submit project idea or ask questions regarding MI for Public Good

We conduct applied research projects to help the Public Good sector uncover the full potential of Machine intelligence (MI). In this context, if you have a project idea and would like to collaborate with us or if you would like to identify some project ideas with our help, we would like to hear from you. Also, if you have general questions about MI or how MI could help Public Good, ask us.

Submit project idea or ask questions regarding Machine Intelligence for Public Good
Contribute as a Machine Intelligence Volunteer

Contribute as an MI Volunteer

Whether you are a data scientist, ML, data or software engineer, process miner, Business Intelligence or RPA specialist, your contribution makes a big difference! So, if you want to apply your skills to do something good, important, and impactful, apply to be an MI Volunteer!


Support us financially

Since we are working on a non-profit basis, we rely on your financial support! The money you donate is used for building the MI4People platform and for keeping MI4People running. We are happy to receive any contribution and are very grateful for your assistance!

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