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Public Good with
Machine Intelligence


One good idea can change the world -
a good idea with MI can do it better and faster!

We are a non-profit organization (NPO) that fosters utilization of Machine Intelligence (MI) for Public Good through applied research. 

Let Public Good sector benefit from intelligent algorithms!


MI for the Public Good

MI utilizes advanced techniques like artificial intelligence and data science. It can be applied to help NPOs and researchers to serve the Public Good in an efficient and effective way.


Meet MI4People

We are a global non-profit dedicated to applied research in the novel area of MI for Public Good and to help Public Good Initiatives better harness the power of Machine Intelligence.

Your Commitment

Together we can make this world a better place! Your help and dedication are essential for empowering Public Good Initiatives with MI. Click here to see how you can contribute.

This video was created with the help of MI technologies.

AI-generated soundtrack was composed using AIVA plattform:,

and AI-powered voice over using Speechelo:

We collaborate with nonprofit organizations and scientists working for Public Good to identify important problems to research on and to find solutions benefiting Public Good using Machine Intelligence technologies like advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, process mining or robotic process automation. Together with our partners we create and execute the MI research projects, take care of project financing (i.e. at no cost to the NPO/researcher), share project results broadly in the public domain and explore ways to best leverage the project outcome.

If you are an NPO or an individual researcher with an idea where MI can help the delivery of Public Good, MI4People will find a way to give it a chance and to foster its realization.

What people are saying about MI4People

"MI4People’s approach is truly innovative, because it elevates the idea of intelligent machines working for Public Good to a next level of scalability, accessibility, and collaboration."

Thilo Pfeil, CEO of vtmw AG and AI-Promoter 

Our Projects

Our Sponsors and Supporters

Become a part of the MI4People community

NPOs and Researchers

NPO and individual researchers

Submit your research project proposal or ask us how you can utilize data science and other MI technologies to reach your Public Good goals better and faster! 

Data Scientist, ML, AI, RPA, Process Mining expert, engineering

MI Volunteers

Apply your expertise in data science, ML, data engineering, process mining, or RPA to solve acute real world Public Good problems. Use your skills to better this world!

Donors, AI, ML, MI, Public Good

MI Supporters

As an NPO, we rely on your donations. Your support enables our existence and ensures that Public Good sector is benefiting from Machine Intelligence technologies.

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