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AI (All Inclusive) Assistant?

Image by DALL-E 2

AI might be pictured as a villainous replacement to many of our current jobs, but what many have not yet recognized is that AI might also be our personal productivity hack. It could enable us to be more than our own job title with an assistant who is multi-skilled and knowledgeable in different fields. Today we would like to discuss with our fellow members the possibility of using AI in the lives of anyone with a mobile or a computer to help them with their everyday tasks.

Let us start by clearly stating that AI could never be a complete replacement for any of the below mentioned professionals in our lives. Human experts will always be well versed in their respective fields with human values, expertise and feelings that make their jobs truly human. AI could only be an easily accessible and affordable point of contact before reaching out to professionals with complex questions. AI could also be of assistance to these professionals by providing insights into us and our queries using our data history and then provide possible solutions to our queries alongside these professionals.

Now let us look forward to a not-so-distant future as AI is already able to provide all the below mentioned solutions with its current capabilities such as passing the bar exam, medical exam and so much more of the professional exams. Here is a list of a very few possibilities and it is to be noted that AI capabilities are not just limited to these, but so much more.

AI as a personal tutor

AI can act as a personal tutor by providing personalized learning experiences based on each student's needs and abilities. For example, AI-powered educational tools can provide real-time feedback on student progress, adapt content to meet individual learning styles, and provide personalized recommendations for additional resources or activities. AI could also interact with students to improve their curiosity and dive deeper into interesting topics like a guide. Something worth watching to understand this better is this talk by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy.

AI as a legal assistant

AI can act as our first legal consultant in simple daily business tasks. These could vary from understanding briefly and concisely the proposed contracts such as job contracts, lease contracts, etc. and up to legal research or even writing a complaint to any service provider in complicated situations. This could usually take hours of research and financial resources when consulting a legal advisor, but with the help of AI any unsatisfied consumer could raise a complaint with proper legal terms to the supplier without many resources. This capability has already been explored by a few companies like donotpay and cocounsel. These helps you with legal notices and paperwork necessary to sue corporations or firms or even your landlord. So much more about their capabilities and the need for them can be understood from this talk.

AI as a financial advisor

AI can act as a personal finance assistant by analyzing spending patterns, creating budgets, and providing personalized financial advice. For example, AI-powered tools can analyze credit card statements and bank transactions to identify areas where individuals can save money, provide recommendations for investment opportunities based on individual risk tolerance and financial goals, and even help individuals find better deals on loans or insurance. The major use of AI since long has been explored by the financial sector in understanding frauds and scams. The systems that stop scammers or even fraudulent activities on credit cards are using these capabilities. But AI can be much more useful even in private scenarios like automating payments and creating investment or savings strategies and so much more that actually affects our wealth.

AI as go-to artist

AI can act as a personal artist by creating music and drawings that reflect individual preferences and styles. For example, AI-powered music creation tools can analyze a person's favorite songs and create new music that is tailored to their tastes. Similarly, AI-powered drawing tools can analyze a person's favorite art styles and create new drawings that reflect their individual preferences like a renaissance style painting of the modern skyline of Manhattan or like the famous Astronaut riding a horse in the space. These capabilities are being tested everyday by millions of users to accomplish their personal or commercial goals using Midjourney or dall-e2. Dr. Tristan Behrens has also experimented with this capability of AI and has started creating music with the help of AI, which can be explored from his YouTube channel.

AI as healthcare assistant

AI can act as a personal healthcare assistant by analyzing health data, monitoring symptoms, and providing personalized wellness recommendations using the simple wearables that many of us already make use of. For example, AI can help doctors alert certain symptoms of diseases such as improper sleep or make an early detection of illnesses like cardiac arrhythmia more accurately by analyzing simple daily recording of our vitals. This could also help in predicting treatment outcomes and identifying potential complications. AI can also help patients manage chronic conditions by monitoring vital signs and providing guidance on medication management and lifestyle changes. These have been proven to be efficient by some studies and are a growing industry with products like Elliq, Pillo, etc.

AI as personal secretary

AI could take up the tasks of a human secretary to an extent, by scheduling meetings, responding to emails, taking messages, organizing the day, booking tickets, reserving appointments and so much more. It might involve some human interactions, but most repetitive parts can be automated, making ourselves more efficient. This would mean that not only senior executives would have the privilege of secretaries but anyone with a smartphone. This would make them capable of focusing their resources on much more rewarding tasks rather than on mundane tasks, giving them more opportunities to grow. These solutions are being tested with varying capabilities by many organizations, such as fin and notably by google called the Google duplex.

While these applications cannot replace the skilled professionals, having an assistant who could give us some possible insight and suggestions within seconds, without a lot of manual research work, contacting professionals and making appointments with them and possibly spending a lot of money can be quite useful. These are just some of the possible opportunities AI would open. Much more can be discovered along the way. AI would make the lives of many better and even assist underprivileged or unnoticed citizens increase their chances in society.

One such application of AI is researched at MI4People with the help of computer vision. Our team of volunteers has been working hard on an AI-assistant that can help blind and visually impaired to interpret rapid CoVid tests and other personal medical strip tests. Here, we use AI to assist people with vision challenges to make use of over-the-counter medical tests, to test themselves independently and privately. Currently the project is focused on market available corona test kits and can later be scaled for pregnancy tests, syphilis tests and so on.

Thank you for your attention, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or thoughts on this topic.


Your MI4People-team

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